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TypeScript Question

How can I find previous version of NPM @types

I am using Angular 1.4.7 and I am trying to find a type file for this version.

On the NPM site I have searched for AngularJs and found version 1.5.14 alpha. How can I get a list of all versions published to @types/npm?

Answer Source

If you run:

$ npm info @types/angular

{ name: '@types/angular',
  description: 'TypeScript definitions for Angular JS 1.5',
  'dist-tags': { latest: '1.5.16' },
   [ '1.5.1-alpha',

you'll see list of all available versions for this package. For angular the oldest is 1.5.1-alpha so you probably have to install typings from a different source with typings tool.

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