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New to flask and Flask-Login - ImportError: No module named login

It appears that installation of flask-login has issues. Despite a successful install using the below

pip install flask-login

My app.py file:

from flaskext.login import LoginManager
lm = LoginManager()

I get this error :

ImportError: No module named login

So how do I resolve

Answer Source

There was a transition of the flask extension import way:

Instead we now recommend naming packages flask_foo instead of the now deprecated flaskext.foo. Flask 0.8 introduces a redirect import system that lets uses import from flask.ext.foo and it will try flask_foo first and if that fails flaskext.foo.

Flask extensions should urge users to import from flask.ext.foo instead of flask_foo or flaskext_foo so that extensions can transition to the new package name without affecting users. (Source)

Use this import way with Flask 0.8 or later:

from flask.ext.login import LoginManager
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