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Delete new version of app in iTunes connect

I uploaded a new version of my app in iTunes connect and I do not want and/or need it - how do I get rid of it ?

Currently the status shows Prepare For Upload with yellow dot..

I want to delete new version of app, which shows status of Prepare For Upload and not the old one which shows ready for sale status and new one is already available in store..

Is it possible to delete new version of app in iTunes Connect, without affecting old one ?

Any help will be appriciated.

Answer Source

You don't have to worry, Prepare to Upload status means the itunes is asking you to tell that you are ready to upload binary and click the button Ready to Upload Binary.. Your build must be rejected by someone, or you haven't yet uploaded any.

If you want to upload a new build you have to click Ready to Upload Binary, then the status will turn into Waiting for Upload, then if you upload the binary successfully it will turn into Upload Received, then it goes into Waiting for Review, next come In Review, then your status might be Rejected, or Ready For Sale, or Approved(It needs to be released manually)..

I hope above clears your doubt..


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