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TypeError: $http.get is not a function in Angular JS

I am trying to use Angular Service and since $scope can not be injected inside service so using $rootScope. My code look like fine but getting following error-

TypeError: $http.get is not a function

Here is code-

app.factory('fetchEmpService', ['$rootScope', '$http', function ($http, $rootScope) {
var employees = [];
return {
fetchEmp: function () {
return $http.get("EmpWebService.asmx/GetEmp")
.then(function (response) {
employees = response.data;
$rootScope.$broadcast('allEmployees', employees);
return employees;


In my controller I am trying to consume it like below:

$scope.employees = fetchEmpService.fetchEmp();
$scope.$on('allEmployees', function (events, employees) {
$scope.employees = employees;

I am bit confuse that will the data will come inside $scope.$on

Answer Source

Your parameters and array of injectables are in a different order.


app.factory('fetchEmpService', ['$rootScope', '$http', function ($http, $rootScope)

Needs to be

app.factory('fetchEmpService', ['$rootScope', '$http', function ($rootScope, $http)

The order is important and needs to be the same.

More information on dependency injection.

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