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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How can I get my webapp's base URL in ASP.NET MVC?

How can I quickly determine what the root URL is for my ASP.NET MVC application? I.e., if IIS is set to serve my application at, then I'd like to be able to get that URL in a reliable way that doesn't involve getting the current URL from the request and chopping it up in some fragile way that breaks if I re-route my action.

The reason that I need the base URL is that this web application calls another one that needs the root to the caller web application for callback purposes.

Answer Source

Assuming you have a Request object available, you can use:

string.Format("{0}://{1}{2}", Request.Url.Scheme, Request.Url.Authority, Url.Content("~"));

If it's not available, you can get to it via the context:

var request = HttpContext.Current.Request
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