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CSS Question

How to fade in select options using jQuery

Is there a way I can fade in select options when the select is clicked and override the standard behavior?

Say I have the following select:

<select id="size" class="" name="attribute_size" data-attribute_name="attribute_size">
<option value="">Choose an option</option>
<option value="King Size (176cm)" class="attached enabled">King Size (176cm)</option>

Is there a way I can make the options appear slowly with a fade in using jQuery?

Before anyone recommends it is not possible for me to change my select to a UL tag or any other html tag.

Answer Source

So the basic answer is you can't do such a thing as it's the browser which renders the select element. Of course there are alternative methods for getting around it such as using ul and li elements instead but that is not possible in my case as I have select dropdowns across my application and it's just not feasible to change them all.

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