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Node.js Question

Add an array property to this Express.js model class

What specific changes need to be made to the code below in order to successfully add a property that is an array of Strings to a JavaScript model object in an Express.js app? The

code is placed in a new
file in the
directory of this GitHub link

Here is the code for the
class, including placeholders for the getters and setters for the array, which this OP asks how to write:

var method = AppUser.prototype;

function AppUser(name) {
this._name = name;

method.getName = function() {
return this._name;

method.getScopes = function() {
//return the array of scope string values
method.setScopes = function(scopes) {
//set the new scopes array to be the scopes array for the AppUser instance
//if the AppUser instance already has a scopes array, delete it first
method.addScope = function(scope) {
//check to see if the value is already in the array
//if not, then add new scope value to array
method.removeScope = function(scope) {
//loop through array, and remove the value when it is found

module.exports = AppUser;

Answer Source

You could use class in ES6 like this :

'use strict';
module.exports = class AppUser {
  constructor(name) { = name;
    this.scopes = [];
  getName() {
  getScopes() {
    return this.scopes;
    if (this.scopes.indexOf(scope) === -1) this.scopes.push(scope);
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