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iOS Question

Updated iOS Applications Agreement

I want to upload my app but I get this error when I try to upload it through Application Loader:

A new version of the iOS Paid Applications Agreement with updated pricing information is now available in the Contracts, Tax, and Banking module.

To be able to continue creating new apps and upload binaries for the App Store, your Team Agent must review and agree to the updated terms of the iOS Paid Applications Agreement. To access the iOS Paid Applications Agreement, you must have accepted the latest version of the iOS Developer Program Agreement in the iOS Dev Center on developer.apple.com.

It's clear that they want me to accept the new agreement but I can't find it anywhere.

Could anyone explain where can I get it?

Answer Source

As far as I'm concerned, it's easiest to find via iTunes Connect, so go there and log in. Select 'Contracts, Tax, and Banking'. You should see a contract with a 'request' button next to it. Request that contract.

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