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Is MQTT support queue in ActiveMQ?

I am new tot this and learning about this protocol. While reading on wiki about MQTT. the first line "MQTT[1] is a publish-subscribe based "light weight" messaging protocol for use on top of the TCP/IP protocol."

Does this mean that MQTT only support Topic and not support or work with queue?

Because, Even I check out with available Client API (fusesource and paho). I dint found client API for Queue.

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ActiveMQ supports MQTT and you can read much here :

In the last weeks the acronym of Message Queue Telemetry Transport is changed in MQ Telemetry Transport because MQTT hasn't queue concept ! :-)

As @hardillb said, publish and subscribe operations are executed on topics.

A concept of "queue" is implemented only when you use advanced "clean session" to false features that implies to broker to save messages published on a topic where a client is offline, so that when the client will return online, it will receive the messages. However, this implementation is strictly related to the broker (not necessary with a queue).

I wrote the following free ebook (focused on Microsoft techonologies) but the chapter 3 is dedicated to MQTT protocol itself.


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