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JQuery script disables word highlighting

I'm using this JQuery 360 rotate script for a product a website.

As you can see from the linked demo, you're not able to highlight words on the page. I've installed the script on my server and it's doing exactly the same.

What's causing this and how can this be fixed?

Answer Source
 * Disables text selection and dragging on IE8 and below.
var _disableTextSelectAndDragIE8 = function() {
  // Disable text selection.
  document.body.onselectstart = function() {
      return false;

  // Disable dragging.
  document.body.ondragstart = function() {
      return false;

Looking through the script, I found this section of code. Creating a breakpoint on the return line of the onselectstart and ondragstart event functions in Google Chrome resulted in the false being returned when I tried to highlight any text.

As suggested in the comments, try commenting out any _disableTextSelectAndDragIE8() function calls in the script

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