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Swift Question

Warning frame for "Navigation bar" will be different at the run time appears in XCode 8 Swift 3

Before I've upgraded to

XCode 8
I haven't seen this error in such case. I have different Navigation Controllers. For all of them I see an error
Frame for "Navigation bar" will be different at the run time. Navigation bar "Expected: width=384, Actual: width=375
. In reality these Navigation Controllers doesn't have
Navigation bar
Navigation bar
exists for subviews. Anyway I could solve it by tick and untick the checkbox
Shows navigation bar
Attributes inspector
. But unfortunately every time I reopen
this warning appears again. Also if I click on yellow triangle and then on update frames nothing happen. Any Ideas?

enter image description here

Kai Kai
Answer Source

Warning will disappear if you change the property "Simulated Size" to "Freeform".

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