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Losing scope inside ng-include in angularJS

I am trying to pass a scope into ng-include but it doesn't seem to work when I insert it into ng-include. when I put it outside the ng-include... I get the right result but my div doesn't show up when I insert it into ng-include. Any reason why I am losing the scope when I insert the scope inside ng-include?


<select ng-model="ddValue1"
ng-options="d.text for d in ddOptions1 track by d.value">

<div ng-include="'{{ddValue1.url}}'"></div>


$scope.ddOptions1 = [
{value: 'value1', text: 'Text1', url: 'file path here'},
{value: 'value2', text: 'Text2', url: 'file path here'}
$scope.ddValue1 = {};
$scope.ddValue1.value = $scope.ddOptions1[0].value;


<div ng-show="ddValue1.value=='value1'">
<h1>Value 1</h1>

Answer Source
<div ng-include=ddValue1.url></div>

Try it. May be single qoute considering it as strinf=g rather than your scope propery

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