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Vaadin - Refresh grid after row modification

I create simple grid with data from database:

BeanItemContainer<Customer> container = new BeanItemContainer<>(Customer.class, customerRepository.findAll());
Grid grid = new Grid(container);

To edit each row the button was created:

Button edit = new Button("Edit", clickEvent -> openWindow((Customer) grid.getSelectedRows().iterator().next()));

This open new window with edit form. After all changes accepted, I must manually refresh whole page to see modification on Grid. My question is:

How refresh only Grid after modification of any row entry?
And how save those modifications to database (maybe beanItemContainer could do it)?

Answer Source

It's a bug. Grid doesn't update itself after changes were done in underlying container nor has any reasonable method to refresh. There are several hacks around this issue i.e.





TextField text =  new TextField("Edit");
Grid grid;
BeanItemContainer<Customer> container;

protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
    final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();
    container = new BeanItemContainer<>(Customer.class, Arrays.asList(new Customer("1"), new Customer("2")));
    grid = new Grid(container);
    Button open = new Button("open");
    open.addClickListener(this :: openListener);
    Button save = new Button("save");
    save.addClickListener(this :: saveListener);
    layout.addComponents(grid, open, save, text);

private void openListener(Button.ClickEvent clickEvent){
    text.setValue(((Customer) (grid.getSelectedRow())).getName());
private void saveListener(Button.ClickEvent clickEvent){
    Customer c = (Customer) grid.getSelectedRow();

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