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How to install ImageMagick font using Go Daddy Linux server

I have been searching for days on how to install my own ttf font when working with ImageMagick.

The main part that is confusing me is that all forums and documentation is referring to

and simply install the ttf font there. But how do I modify or even find this file and folder?

I'm on a Web Deluxe package and have access to a root folder html/ but in all my years of working with folders I haven't seen these types of folders (local/bin/) etc.

I'm trying this but no luck... and just a heads up I'm able to overlay images, work with basic arial, etc.

exec("convert -background lightblue -fill blue \
-font home/content/x/xxxx/html/myfont.ttf -pointsize 172 label:Anthony \

Is there a way to just upload a ttf font to a folder that isn't deep into the system and reference it? Is this one of those situations where I have to do absolute or virtual path? I'm still learning on those path types. I've tried every type of path to this font imaginable and I can't get it to work.

Answer Source

Your path to your font seems incorrect try adding a forward slash before 'home'

exec("convert -background lightblue -fill blue \ 
-font /home/content/x/xxxx/html/myfont.ttf -pointsize 172 label:Anthony \ 

if that doesn't work, you can get the full path with the following:

echo __FILE__;
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