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Can I insert UTF8 encoded characters into a Latin-1 table if I know only Latin-1 characters will be used?

I have 10 tables in a database. 9 of them only store data with standard ascii 1-byte characters supported by Latin-1. 1 of them requires that I store special characters that are only supported by UTF8. I would like to use the same MySQL connection object (using Python's PyMySQL library) to populate all 10 tables.

Previously, when creating the MySQL connection object, I did not specify the character set and it defaulted to Latin-1. That was fine when I was only populating the 9 Latin-1 tables. Now that I am populating the UTF8 table, I modified the connection object by passing in the parameter charset='utf8mb4' to the PyMySQL connection object function:

# Connect to the database
connection = pymysql.connect(host='localhost',

Now I am confident that, when inserting into my UTF8 MySQL table, all of my data is being stored fine. However, I am unsure if problems may arise when using my UTF8 connection object and inserting into the Latin-1 tables. After my first rounds of testing, everything looks great.

Is there anything I have overlooked? Are there any potential issues with inserting UTF8 encoded characters into a Latin-1 table?

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Hi utf8 and latin 1 both are simple encoding they support some character which not included in both so problem may occur. if you pass some data of utf8 which is not in latin 1. In this process double encoding occour.
Here is a link to insert utf8 to latin

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