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Regex expression that matches #tags but not hex codes

I'm trying to write a regex expression in JavaScript that will match any string as long as it starts with a space, then an octothorpe(#), then characters. However, I would like this expression to exclude hexadecimal codes.

I have this expression for capturing #tags:


and I have an expression that captures hex codes in the format (#xxxxxx) that my larger program will be receiving them:


but I do not know how to put them together so that I end up with matches that are described by the first expression but not by the second.

I'd like to do everything in a single regex statement. If this is not possible, I would like to know of a way to get all non-hex strings that begin with # using a combination of regex and JavaScript functions. I'm using jQuery and Backbone.js if that helps.

Extra Credit:

What is the difference between this :


and this:


I've been using to write and test my expressions and both seem to give the same results.

Answer Source

You can use the second regular expression as a negative look-ahead ( (?! ) inside your first:


I added at the start the possibility to start a string immediately with a hash, without requiring the space.

See Regex tester

NB: {6,6} is indeed exactly the same as the short-cut for that: {6}. As stated on

There's an additional quantifier that allows you to specify how many times a token can be repeated.

The syntax is {min,max}, where min is zero or a positive integer number indicating the minimum number of matches, and max is an integer equal to or greater than min indicating the maximum number of matches. [...] Omitting both the comma and max tells the engine to repeat the token exactly min times.

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