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MPAndroidChart: Show image instead of circle on Line Chart

I have created a LineChart using MPAndroidChart library and everything works great.

Now what I want to do is show a drawable(image) instead of default circle for every data entry on chart.

I have tried so many options, but no luck.

Can anyone tell me how can I do that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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And finally after trying so many things, with the help of @David Rawson's suggestion and this post MPAndroidChart LineChart custom highlight drawable

I have managed to create a custom renderer, which replaces the default circle image in chart with the provided image.

Following is the code snippet of solution.

class ImageLineChartRenderer extends LineChartRenderer {
private final LineChart lineChart;
private final Bitmap image;

ImageLineChartRenderer(LineChart chart, ChartAnimator animator, ViewPortHandler viewPortHandler, Bitmap image) {
    super(chart, animator, viewPortHandler);
    this.lineChart = chart;
    this.image = image;

private float[] mCirclesBuffer = new float[2];

protected void drawCircles(Canvas c) {
    float phaseY = mAnimator.getPhaseY();
    mCirclesBuffer[0] = 0;
    mCirclesBuffer[1] = 0;
    List<ILineDataSet> dataSets = mChart.getLineData().getDataSets();

    //Draw bitmap image for every data set with size as radius * 10, and store it in scaled bitmaps array
    Bitmap[] scaledBitmaps = new Bitmap[dataSets.size()];
    float[] scaledBitmapOffsets = new float[dataSets.size()];
    for (int i = 0; i < dataSets.size(); i++) {
        float imageSize = dataSets.get(i).getCircleRadius() * 10;
        scaledBitmapOffsets[i] = imageSize / 2f;
        scaledBitmaps[i] = scaleImage((int) imageSize);

    for (int i = 0; i < dataSets.size(); i++) {
        ILineDataSet dataSet = dataSets.get(i);

        if (!dataSet.isVisible() || !dataSet.isDrawCirclesEnabled() || dataSet.getEntryCount() == 0)

        Transformer trans = mChart.getTransformer(dataSet.getAxisDependency());
        mXBounds.set(mChart, dataSet);

        int boundsRangeCount = mXBounds.range + mXBounds.min;
        for (int j = mXBounds.min; j <= boundsRangeCount; j++) {
            Entry e = dataSet.getEntryForIndex(j);
            if (e == null) break;
            mCirclesBuffer[0] = e.getX();
            mCirclesBuffer[1] = e.getY() * phaseY;
            if (!mViewPortHandler.isInBoundsRight(mCirclesBuffer[0]))
            if (!mViewPortHandler.isInBoundsLeft(mCirclesBuffer[0]) || !mViewPortHandler.isInBoundsY(mCirclesBuffer[1]))

            if (scaledBitmaps[i] != null) {
                        mCirclesBuffer[0] - scaledBitmapOffsets[i],
                        mCirclesBuffer[1] - scaledBitmapOffsets[i],


private Bitmap scaleImage(int radius) {
    return Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(image, radius, radius, false);

Hope this helps someone.

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