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jQuery Question

Load jQuery into Mocha test for React App

I've created a Mocha test setup similar to this tutorial outlined here:

I'm wondering how I can load in jQuery into this structure. I've included it as

test JS file, but when I call
, it gives an error saying
TypeError: Attempted to wrap undefined property ajax as function
. I suspect that this is because Node is not running my JavaScript inside a browser. However, I've tried using a window environment, but still no luck.

I know the traditional way is to include jQuery in HTML tags, but I'm not sure how to do that here, since I don't have an HTML file.

Answer Source

This is a pattern that has worked for me for certain jquery methods in mocha, I'm not sure it'll work for ajax but give it a shot and let me know.

import jsdom from 'jsdom'
import _$ from 'jquery'

global.document = jsdom.jsdom('<!doctype html><html><body></body></html>')
global.window = global.document.defaultView
const $ = _$(global.window)
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