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Apply Css to date links in jQuery ui datepicker

In an html file that uses jQuery's Ui Datepicker I want to change the css of the numbers in the window that pops up. I have styled my links in my file as follows:

a {
/*code here */

And as far as I can tell this styling is being applied to the numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) and treating them as links. How can I style these specific links in the datepicker i.e. what is the Css selector syntax.

Answer Source

On current jQuery UI Datepicker, all day links can be styled via:

.ui-datepicker-calendar a.ui-state-default {
    color: green;

The selected day background/color/border via:

.ui-datepicker-calendar a.ui-state-highlight {
    background: none pink;
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