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How to remotely profile a web application with JProfiler?

I am running a web application that is deployed on remote machine server and I have the IP address and URL of this application. When I hit the URL with a browser, the application displays.

I now have to profile that web application, as I need to find out why it is running so slow.

I tried using JProfiler, have not been successful. Could someone please advise how to configure JProfiler for remote profiling?

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The easiest way to profile a remote JVM on a system without a GUI is this:

  • Extract the JProfiler archive (not the installer) somewhere on the remote machine
  • In the installation directory call bin/jpenable and select the JVM you want to profile
  • On your local machine start JProfiler and create a new session of type "Attach to profiled JVM (local or remote)"
  • In the session configuration, enter the host name and the port as given by jpenable
  • Start the session and profile

Tip: To find a bottleneck, use sampling not instrumentation.

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