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Why is `ng-checked` not working with `ng-change`?

I have a list of checkboxes. Whenever I click on a checkbox I want to call a function depending on whether it was checked or unchecked. This is achieved using


At the same time I also have
that helps me to uncheck a checkbox using a button.

Following is the implementation:

<md-checkbox md-no-ink="true" ng-checked="selected.indexOf(brand) > -1" ng-change="value?add(brand):remove(brand)" ng-model="value" ng-repeat="brand in brands">

<md-button ng-click="fun('Spice')">Uncheck</md-button>

The controller code is as follows:

$scope.brands = ['Apple','Samsung','Motorolla','Nokia','Micromax','Spice'];
$scope.value = false;
$scope.selected = [];

$ = function(x){
console.log("Unchecking "+x);
$scope.add = function(x){
$scope.remove = function(x){
var index = $scope.selected.indexOf(x);

There is a similar question on Stackovrflow, but it had issue regarding missing ng-model on the checkboxes. I have included

Why is this not working? Have I done anything wrong ?


The official documentation states that

Note that this directive should not be used together with ngModel, as this can lead to unexpected behavior.

You should decide whether to use the ng-model or ng-checked.