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Update nested field in an index of ElasticSearch with Java API

I am using Java API for CRUD operation on elasticsearch.

I have an typewith a nested field and I want to update this field.

Here is my mapping for the type:

"enduser": {
"properties": {
"location": {
"type": "nested",

Of course my enduser type will have other parameters.

Now I want to add this document in my nested field:

"name": "London",
"point": "44.5, 5.2"

I was searching in documentation on how to update nested document but I couldn't find anything. For example I have in a string the previous JSON obect (let's call this string json). I tried the following code but seems to not working:

params.put("location", json);
client.prepareUpdate(index, ElasticSearchConstants.TYPE_END_USER,id).setScript("ctx._source.location = location").setScriptParams(params).execute().actionGet();

I have got a parsing error from elasticsearch. Anyone knows what I am doing wrong ?

Answer Source

I tried to recreate your situation and i solved it by using an other way the .setScript method.

Your updating request now would looks like :

client.prepareUpdate(index, ElasticSearchConstants.TYPE_END_USER,id).setScript("ctx._source.location =" + json).execute().actionGet()

Hope it will help you.