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JSON Question

Retrieve Google Spreadsheet Worksheet JSON

I try to receive the JSON of a Google Spreadsheet Worksheet. It worked till some days ago. For the default worksheet it still works, but not for all other worksheets.

This is the working URL for the default worksheet:

And this is the URL for the worksheet that stopped working:

The error message is

Invalid query parameter value for grid_id.

Only difference is the worksheet parameter (

Any ideas on why that error suddenly occurs?

Answer Source

ChrisPeterson's note:

You can use worksheet position number (1 for the first/default worksheet, 2 for the second worksheet).

Original answer

I came across the same issue and I managed to find my way out. It seems that they recently changed the id for each worksheet.

You can find the new ID at the following

I got something like o3laxt8 between <id> tags

Ps: od6 anddefault values will always work and redirect to the first worksheet of your document.

Joe Germuska' note:

od6 doesn't work anymore

Seems to work again.

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