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C++ Gas Mileage Averaging

I'm supposed to be making a simple console program which can allow a user to input their miles driven and gallons used during multiple trips. It uses a while loop structure and calculates two fuel economies, one for the trip, and the overall fuel economy. My problem is getting my output to match what is in the book I'm learning from. Its close, but not spot on.

This is the output from the book:

Enter miles driven (-1 to quit): 287
Enter gallons used: 13
MPG this trip: 22.076923
Total MPG: 22.076923

Enter miles driven (-1 to quit): 200
Enter gallons used: 10
MPG this trip: 20
Total MPG: 21.173913

Enter miles driven (-1 to quit): 120
Enter gallons used: 5
MPG this trip: 24
Total MPG: 21.678571

This is what I've done so far:

#include <iostream>
int main ( )
// Set our variables and initialize them
double miles = 0;
double gallons = 0;
double economyTrip = 0;
double economyTotal = 0;

while (miles >= 0)
std::cout << "Enter miles driven (-1 to quit): ";
std::cin >> miles ;

// Check input
if (miles == -1)
std::cout << "Enter gallons used: ";
std::cin >> gallons;

// Calculate trip fuel economy
economyTrip = (miles/gallons) ;

// Calculate total fuel economy
if (economyTotal == 0)
economyTotal = economyTrip;
economyTotal += (economyTrip - economyTotal)/2;

// Display the results
std::cout << "MPG this trip: " << economyTrip << std::endl;
std::cout << "Total MPG:" << economyTotal << std::endl << "\n";


Am I wrong in the way I am averaging? I know that on a calculator, if you take the average of the three trip mileages you get around 22.02563 . . .
So, to say the least the book is slightly closer than I am. I am wondering how I can do this differently so I can get a closer answer. Or is this something I should even worry about?

Answer Source

You can't keep calculating MPG and adding it to a running total. You need to store total miles and total gallons and then calculate MPG at the end.

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