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C# Question

Type or namespace name Mock<> could not be found Entity Framework 6

I am trying to mock my

for writing my unit tests.

I saw a tutorial, and by trying to do it like this:

public void MyFirstTest()
var mockSet = new Mock<DbSet<VMStored>>();

But I am getting the following error:

Type or namespace name Mock<> could not be found

I am using EF 6. I know this is something simple but I didn't find any answer online regarding this issue.

I don't know what assembly if needed I need to add or what package to install.

I did everything they said in the MSDN tutorial, including update my code in the
file of the following function:

public string DbSet(EntitySet entitySet)
return string.Format(
"{0} virtual DbSet<{1}> {2} {{ get; set; }}",

Any ideas what I need to do?

Answer Source

Go to the Nuget Package Manager (right click project or solution in Solution Manager) and search for Moq. You're just missing the libraries.

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