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Configure Truststore in Tomcat

I have a Java servlet currently running on Tomcat 7 (Windows) and connects to a SQL Server database. I now need to encrypt this connection and I have a public Key SSL certificate in a keystore. But apparently I have to configure a system property for a "Truststore" and have the truststore set to the keystore.

The keystore location is C:\SSLKeys\appkeystore.key and from what I have found I have to set the Truststore up with the following;\SSLKeys\appkeystore.key

But how do I set these please? I have tried it in the command line but that doesn't seem to work. I don't want to hard code these in the Java as I need them to be configurable.

Can these be set in the Catalina.bat file in Tomcat? If so where in the file do I put the command?

Thanks in advance


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I think I may have found how, or at least one way of doing this. Someone please tell me if there is a better way of processing this. In the Tomcat\bin folder, where the catalina.bat file is I created a setenv.bat file and in there I declared the two Java option properties for;

set JAVA_OPTS="\path\to\keystore.key" "************"

Apparently when Tomcat is started it initiates the catalina.bat file and the catalina.bat file determines if a setenv.bat file exists and if so runs this file to set the Java options.

Again someone please correct me if I am wrong and advise of any better way of doing this. Although apparently where Tomcat is set up as a Windows service the options above are input through the tomcatXw.exe to initiate the Tomcat console and the Java tab is selected.


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