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How to use content with HTML inside JSON data with nunjucks and gulp-data?

how to use HTML with JSON with Gulp-data ? I'm using it in a static website building process with Gulp, Nunjucks and MJML


message:"Welcome to <span class='red'>world</span>"

.nunjucks file

{{ message }}

is giving this output in final HTML output

Welcome to &lt;span class=&#39;red&#39;&gt;world&lt;/span&gt;

Answer Source

Looks like Nunjucks uses autoescaping: true by default (due to their docs).

gulp-nunjucks-render uses envOptions to configure template engine (line 20 of its code).

You can try to pass autoescaping: false in options in gulp to disable escaping (more info in readme).

Or you can just use {{ message | safe }} in your template to disable escaping for one piece of code. Mode info in API Docs: Autoescaping

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