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How can I get the latitude and longitude of a vistor on my website?

I am researching ways of making ads actually relevant to people. How can I get the location of a visitor, who just loaded my page? I'm not talking

IP Geo-location
, I'm talking the exact latitude and longitude of a user, that I could later store in a database. Is there an
or something to allow me to get those values in
variables, using something like

Answer Source

First get visitor's location details from IP address

How to get user IP Address in PHP

echo $ip;

How to get user/ visitor Location in PHP


$_ip = new ip_codehelper();

$real_client_ip_address = $_ip->getRealIP();
$visitor_location       = $_ip->getLocation($real_client_ip_address);

$guest_ip   = $visitor_location['IP'];
$guest_country = $visitor_location['CountryName'];
$guest_city  = $visitor_location['CityName'];
$guest_state = $visitor_location['RegionName'];

echo "IP Address: ". $guest_ip. "<br/>";
echo "Country: ". $guest_country. "<br/>";
echo "State: ". $guest_state. "<br/>";
echo "City: ". $guest_city. "<br/>";


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