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How to simulate the Local Notification in apple Watch App?

I am trying to simulate the local notification view in apple watch simulator. Does any one known how to simulate the local notifications in apple watch ?

I have done some research for that but didn't found any answer for the above. There is a way to simulate the PUSH NOTIFICATION but not for the LOCAL NOTIFICATION.

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It is not possible to have a Watch app react to a UILocalNotification in the simulator. However, it is almost identical to reacting to a push notification, except it gets routed through a couple of different methods.

If you're presenting an actionable notification, your WKUserNotificationInterfaceController subclass would override -didReceiveLocalNotification:withCompletion: instead of -didReceiveRemoteNotification:withCompletion:.

If your Watch app is getting launched in response to interacting with one of your actionable notifications, then your root WKInterfaceController would implement -handleActionWithIdentifier:forLocalNotification: or -handleActionWithIdentifier:forRemoteNotification:, as appropriate.

From WatchKit's point-of-view, those are the only distinctions between remote and local notifications.

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