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BLE obtain uuid encoded in advertising packet

Im trying to get UUID of ble device. I was following android developers guide and so far I can get only device name and rssi. Im trying to get Uuid of the device that comes to scanning method that looks like this:

public void onLeScan(final BluetoothDevice device, int rssi,byte[] scanRecord) {

ParcelUuid[] myUUid =device.getUuids();
for(ParcelUuid a :myUUid){
String s = new String(scanRecord);
int len = scanRecord.length;
String scanRecords =new String(scanRecord) ;

deviceMap.put(device.getName().toString(), rssi);
Message msg = MainActivity.myHandler.obtainMessage();
Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
bundle.putCharSequence("dev_name", device.getName().toString());
bundle.putCharSequence("rssi", Integer.toString(rssi));

this returns - btif_gattc_upstreams_evt: Event 4096

Answer Source

If you want to get UUID / any other data e.g. Manufacturer Data out of scanRec[] bytes after BLE Scan, you first need to understand the data format of those Advertisement Data packet.

Came from Advertising or Scan Response Data format

Too much theory, want to see some code snippet? This function below would straight forward print parsed raw data bytes. Now, you need to know each type code to know what data packet refers to what information. e.g. Type : 0x09, refers to BLE Device Name, Type : 0x07, refers to UUID.

public void printScanRecord (byte[] scanRecord) {

    // Simply print all raw bytes   
    try {
        String decodedRecord = new String(scanRecord,"UTF-8");
        Log.d("DEBUG","decoded String : " + ByteArrayToString(scanRecord));
    } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {

    // Parse data bytes into individual records
    List<AdRecord> records = AdRecord.parseScanRecord(scanRecord);

    // Print individual records 
    if (records.size() == 0) {
        Log.i("DEBUG", "Scan Record Empty");
    } else {
        Log.i("DEBUG", "Scan Record: " + TextUtils.join(",", records));


public static String ByteArrayToString(byte[] ba)
  StringBuilder hex = new StringBuilder(ba.length * 2);
  for (byte b : ba)
    hex.append(b + " ");

  return hex.toString();

public static class AdRecord {

    public AdRecord(int length, int type, byte[] data) {
        String decodedRecord = "";
        try {
            decodedRecord = new String(data,"UTF-8");

        } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {

        Log.d("DEBUG", "Length: " + length + " Type : " + type + " Data : " + ByteArrayToString(data));         

    // ...

    public static List<AdRecord> parseScanRecord(byte[] scanRecord) {
        List<AdRecord> records = new ArrayList<AdRecord>();

        int index = 0;
        while (index < scanRecord.length) {
            int length = scanRecord[index++];
            //Done once we run out of records
            if (length == 0) break;

            int type = scanRecord[index];
            //Done if our record isn't a valid type
            if (type == 0) break;

            byte[] data = Arrays.copyOfRange(scanRecord, index+1, index+length);

            records.add(new AdRecord(length, type, data));
            index += length;

        return records;

    // ...

After this parsing, those data bytes would make more sense, and you can figure out next level of decoding.

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