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Using Grails to output data in columns

Given a variable amount of data, I want to create a table with fixed number of columns per row. For example, I may only want four columns per row:

<th>COLUMN_1</th> <th>COLUMN_2</th> <th>COLUMN_3</th> <th>COLUMN_4</th>

for(-some code here-) {
<td>-some output from the loop-</td>

But as you can see, if the data consisted of 10 elements, the table row will exceed my four columns.

How can I output the data so the number of columns is constant and new rows are created as needed?

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One of the great things about Grails (and Groovy) is its extensibility. Too often developers constrain their thinking to what their tools and frameworks currently provide. I often find it helps to think about what an ideal, more elegant solution would be if it were to be built-in to the framework. That usually gives me a good direction for how I want to implement it. In your scenario, I would prefer a GSP tag that iterates over a collection in groups of elements, so that you can process each group of elements. Something like the following:

<lm:eachGroup size="4" var="row" in="${myCollection}">
   <g:each var="cell" in="${row}">

Of course, that doesn't exist... so I created it! It could be improved by providing a flag to pad the last group of elements so you get a complete row, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. ;-)

To use my <lm:eachGroup> from my taglib in your project you can clone the git repository for my Grails plugin:

$ git clone

Package the plugin:

$ grails package-plugin

Then install it into your app.

BTW, I did something similar a while back to add an eachGroup() method to List.

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