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Java Question

Sorting numbers in a JTable

How do I realize sorting of columns containing only numbers in a JTable? There is the class

. Using this, however, leads to the following: for every number the string representation is taken by invoking toString and then this is compared instead. What I receive is for instance this:

100, 13, 2, 22, 9
instead 2, 9, 13, 22, 100

TableRowSorter<TableModel> sorter = new TableRowSorter<TableModel>(table);

To avoid this, there is the following method:


Since my numbers are only Integer, Long and Double, I don't see why I should define a humble Comparator of standard java.lang classes. Is there an easier way?

Answer Source

You should define Number for the column's class.

See TableModel

public Class<?> getColumnClass(int columnIndex);
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