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Java Question

Java putting 2 decimal places in float

How can I display only 2 decimal places from the inputted answer? when I do this the answer is different

Scanner user_input = new Scanner(;
float num;
DecimalFormat f = new DecimalFormat("##.00");
System.out.println("Enter any number");
num = user_input.nextFloat();
System.out.println("Square of "+num+" is: "+f.format(num)+Math.pow(num,2));

Answer Source

You need to sum the power with the answer and then format the result. Currently you are formatting the number and afterwards performing the power function causing the result to be in raw format.

Modify your output line to:

System.out.println("Square of "+num+" is: "+f.format(num+Math.pow(num,2)));

So for an input of 21.12345 the result would look like:

Enter any number 21.12345 
Square of 21.12345 is: 467.32
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