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Buttons are disabled in a ScrollView - iOS Swift

i have a button in a view inside a view inside a ScrollView


if the scrolling ability of the ScrollView is disabled the button clicks normally. However, if the scrolling is enabled the button seems to be disabled.

this is how i sent the content size of the ScrollView

var contentRect = CGRectZero;
for view in self.contentView.subviews {
contentRect = CGRectUnion(contentRect, view.frame)
scrollView.contentSize = contentRect.size
scrollView.contentSize.height = scrollView.contentSize.height+20

and i also sat those properties

scrollView.userInteractionEnabled = true
scrollView.exclusiveTouch = true
scrollView.canCancelContentTouches = true
scrollView.delaysContentTouches = true

and i finally tried to create a subclass of UIScrollView and i ended up with this

class myScrollView: UIScrollView {

override func touchesShouldCancelInContentView(view: UIView) -> Bool {
return false

but still the button is not active whenever there is any scrolling.

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Set the color of the ContentView & Scrollview. I think you are setting wrong contentsize. And your PhoneNumberView is outside the contentsize height.


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