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Multiple DB in meteor keeping reactivity

There's some way to use more than one MongoDB database in meteor keeping reactivity/Oplog working? I've been reading about it (Post1), (Post2) and still I don't see a straighforward way to achieve this. It's possible? What's the right way? Thank you.

Answer Source

As you say; Default Connection isn't really an option as you can only have one DB and DDP is a bit superfluous when you only need a DB and none of the Meteor stuff. I'd think, therefore, your best approach would be to use the MongoInternals option.

The only thing missing from that option is reactivity; a method of enabling oplog tailing for these additional DB connections is mentioned in this answer. It essentially seems to be a case of passing the oplogUrl when creating the RemoteCollectionDriver, here's the example given in their answer:

var driver = new MongoInternals.RemoteCollectionDriver(
      oplogUrl: "mongodb://localhost:27017/local"
var collection = new Mongo.Collection("Coll", {_driver: driver});
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