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Android: wrap_content is not working with ListView

I am working on android. I want my list view to wrap its content horizontally and not to fill all the width. The wrap_content properties is not working. What to do?


As Romain Guy (Google Engineer works on UI toolkit) Said in his post

By setting the width to wrap_contentyou are telling ListView to be as wide as the widest of its children. ListView must therefore measure its items and to get the items it has to call getView() on the Adapter. This may happen several times depending on the number of layout passes, the behavior of the parent layout, etc.

So if you set the layout width or layout height of your ListView to wrap_content the ListView will try to measure every single view that is attached to it - which is definitely not what you want.

Keep in mind: avoid setting wrap_content for ListViews or GridViews at all times, for more details see this Google I/O video talking about the world of listview