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Python fluent filter, map, etc

I love python. However, one thing that bugs me a bit is that I don't know how to format functional activities in a fluid manner like a can in javascript.

example (randomly created on the spot): Can you help me convert this to python in a fluent looking manner?

var even_set = [1,2,3,4,5]
.filter(function(x){return x%2 === 0;})
console.log(x); // prints it for fun
return x;
.reduce(function(num_set, val) {
num_set[val] = true;
}, {});

I'd like to know if there are fluid options? Maybe a library.

In general, I've been using list comprehensions for most things but it's a real problem if I want to print

e.g., How can I print every even number between 1 - 5 in python 2.x using list comprehension (Python 3 print() as a function but Python 2 it doesn't). It's also a bit annoying that a list is constructed and returned. I'd rather just for loop.

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Generators, iterators, and itertools give added powers to chaining and filtering actions. But rather than remember (or look up) rarely used things, I gravitate toward helper functions and comprehensions.

For example in this case, take care of the logging with a helper function:

def echo(x):
    return x

Selecting even values is easy with the if clause of a comprehension. And since the final output is a dictionary, use that kind of comprehension:

In [118]: d={echo(x):True for x in s if x%2==0}

In [119]: d
Out[119]: {2: True, 4: True}

or to add these values to an existing dictionary, use update.

new_set.update({echo(x):True for x in s if x%2==0})

another way to write this is with an intermediate generator:

{y:True for y in (echo(x) for x in s if x%2==0)}

Or combine the echo and filter in one generator

def even(s):
    for x in s:
        if x%2==0:

followed by a dict comp using it:

{y:True for y in even(s)}
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