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What regex to match all occurrences of css urls?

i have a css file with a bunch of background image urls:

.alert-01 {
background: url('img/alert-01.jpg') center no-repeat;
.alert-02 {
background: url('img/alert-02.jpg') center no-repeat;
.alert-03 {
background: url('img/alert-03.jpg') center no-repeat;
.alert-04 {
background: url('img/alert-04.jpg') center no-repeat;

And I'd like to write a regex that would strip out the urls.

So initially i would get:


Which i could then replace bits to turn them into html

I'm fine with the last bit, but my regex skills are a bit rusty.

My latest try was this:

Any help?

BTW I was doing this all in javascript, but the language shouldn't affect the regex really.

Thanks in advance!

Also, just to note, i can't guarantee that the files will always be jpg and may be jpeg, png etc. Also that the arguments into background will always be the same. Hence why i want to extract just the url part.

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Your mistake was including ^ and $ in the regexp, which anchors it to the beginning and end of the input string. And you forgot to allow for the quote.

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