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Python Question

Alternative way to using for loop

Suppose a file looks like this:

abcd 1
abcd 2
abcd 3
xyz 1
xyz 2

My code:

if "abcd" in line:
do something

elif "xyz" in line:
do something

If both "abcd" and "xyz" dynamically change, how would I capture them by writing the same loop?


Can I write a universal loop which counts the number of elements in abcd and xyz? without taking abcd and xyz in its condition.


Not sure I've understood correctly your question, but here's a possible way to gather key & values from your file:

import re
from collections import defaultdict

file = """

abcd      1
abcd       2
abcd        3
xyz        1
xyz       2


output = defaultdict(list)

for line in file.split("\n"):
    if line.strip() == "":

    key, value ='(.*?)\s+(.*)', line).groups()


for k, v in output.iteritems():
    print("{0} has {1} items".format(k, len(v)))