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React JSX Question

Accessing React prop array in component

I'm trying to map across an array stored in props in my React component. The problem is that I keep getting an error stating that 'step is not defined', even when I have an array of steps defined such as below. Any thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly? Thanks in advance!

render() {
const protocol = this.props.protocol;
const steps = protocol.steps;
let stepList = null;

if (steps != null) {
stepList = <ul>
step => <li>{step.title}</li>
} else {
stepList = 'Do not display list';

return (
<div className="protocols-detail">
List of steps for {protocol.title}
{ stepList }



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Answer Source

Issue is in this line, you forgot to use {}, to use any js code inside HTML element always use {} try this:

stepList = <ul>
         (step,i) => <li key={i}>{step.title}</li>

One more thing always assign the unique key to each items when creating the ui elements dynamically in the loop.

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