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CSS Question

img not shown after uploaded on server

I'm working on an university project right now. I've finished everything but somehow 2 images are not shown and I can't figure out why... I've changed the names, the location of the image but it still doesnt show. the weird thing is that if I open only the image in web, it shows...

address is here :

and the two images that don't show :

code :

<div id="panel4">
<div id="compscreen"><img src="./img/compscreen.png"></div>
<div id="compscreen2"><img src="./img/compscreen2.png"></div>

Answer Source

Filenames are case-sensitive. You notated iMac.png but your image is called imac.png. Your compscreen2.png image works, its just only white colored on a white background. So once you fixed your, it should be visible.

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