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Ajax Question

Using jquery .load to add rows to an html table

The code below adds the

returned by
function in the server to the table that has id
. The html returned by the function
is of the form:

"<tr><td>some text</td><td>more text</td></tr><tr><td>some text</td><td>more text</td></tr><tr><td>some text</td><td>more text</td></tr>"

As you can see in the code I am using
from jquery to obtain the
from the server and add it to the table. The code I am using, however, replaces the existing rows in the table instead of adding to it. How can I use jQuery
function to add the rows to existing rows and not replace them?

If I can somehow assign the html received from the
function to a variable say
, I can do something like
. But I don't know how to assign the html obtained by
to a variable, or to use it as a string.


The Code:

Create table using jquery

<p>Method 2</p>

<table id="resultstable2">

<button id="b2">Execute returndatafromdb2()</button>

<script type="text/javascript">

cache: false

var getdata2 = function(){
var loadurl2 = "{{=URL('default', 'returndatafromdb2')}}";



Answer Source

There isn't a way to do it with the load() function. You will want to use the normal ajax calls and write your own callback function. Something like this:

var getdata2 = function() {

    var loadurl2 = "{{=URL('default', 'returndatafromdb2')}}";


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