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Performance Counter by Process ID instead of name?

I am tracking multiple instances of the same application and need to get the memory and cpu use of both processes. However, I cant seem to figure out a way to use the performance counter and know which result is for which process. I have seen that I can append #1 and such to the end of the name to get results for each, but that doesn't tell me which one is for which process.

How can I determine the ProcessId or pass the process ID to the counter to get the result per each process with same name?

PerformanceCounterCPU.CategoryName = "Process";
PerformanceCounterCPU.CounterName = "% Processor Time";
PerformanceCounterCPU.InstanceName = proc.ProcessHandle.ProcessName;

PerformanceCounterMemory.CategoryName = "Process";
PerformanceCounterMemory.CounterName = "Working Set - Private";
PerformanceCounterMemory.InstanceName = proc.ProcessHandle.ProcessName;

Answer Source

This answer to a related question might work:

private static string GetProcessInstanceName(int pid)
  PerformanceCounterCategory cat = new PerformanceCounterCategory("Process");

  string[] instances = cat.GetInstanceNames();
  foreach (string instance in instances)

     using (PerformanceCounter cnt = new PerformanceCounter("Process",  
          "ID Process", instance, true))
        int val = (int) cnt.RawValue;
        if (val == pid)
           return instance;
  throw new Exception("Could not find performance counter " + 
      "instance name for current process. This is truly strange ...");
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