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ASP.NET MVC5/6 Routing based on Http Header values

Let's say I have a most basic controller

public class HomeController : Controller
public ActionResult Index(string id, string language)
return View();

Which takes in 2 parameters. However there is one requirement that the client which calls the action method should pass
value from URL but
value from http header. It means the url should be
and meanwhile the calling client will set a Http Header value
language : en

How shall I set the routing in MVC5 or MVC6 to achieve the requirement?

Please don't provide samples from Web Api.


Answer Source

There is an attribute FromHeaderAttribute. From its documentation:

Specifies that a parameter or property should be bound using the request headers.

You should be able to add it to the language parameter of your controller. By default it will look for a header with the same name than the parameter, but it also has a name parameter that can be used to specify a different name, for example:

public ActionResult Index(string id, [FromHeader(Name="Accepted-Language")]string language)
    return View();

You can also have a look to the test site ModelBindingWebSite located in the github MVC repo. Check the controller named FromHeader_BlogController.

PS Looking at the source code of the HeaderModelBinder it seems this can be used for binding strings and arrays (assuming the header has a comma separated list of values)

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