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C# Question

Sorting A ListView By Column

Currently I use a custom sorter on the listview, and i can sort the listview each time i click on the FIRST column, but it won't sort by other columns.

SortStyle: Variable to determine whether it is Ascending Sort, or Descending.

if (e.Column == 0)
if (SortStyle == 0)
List.ListViewItemSorter = customSortDsc;
SortStyle = 1;
List.ListViewItemSorter = customSortAsc;
SortStyle = 0;

This works fine when sorting for the first column, but if you were to do it on any other column, it would just sort by the first column. Is there a way to sort by the column clicked?

Answer Source

If you are starting out with a ListView, do yourself a huge favour and use an ObjectListView instead. ObjectListView is an open source wrapper around .NET WinForms ListView, which makes the ListView much easier to use and solves lots of common problems for you. Sorting by column click is one of the many things it handles for you automatically.

Seriously, you will never regret using an ObjectListView instead of a normal ListView.

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