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CSS Question

Get color of target html element in React

Trying to get the color of an html element using react, to pass to to my redux action/reducer.


<button styleName="css_toggle" id ="css" onClick {this.handleClick}>CSS</button>

Event Handler

const{dispatch} = this.props;
console.log(` ${}`);

Console/redux console returns empty values for all styles.

I am using react-css-modules/css-modules, and that is the only anomaly I can think of.

Any ideas are more than welcome, thank you.

Edit: I have create a branch for this project, specifically for this stackoverflow question:

Note: The data flow of this app, is that there is a single static value, which populates the rest of the app which is dynamic. In response, to suggestion(s), after much thought, I have decided this is the proper way to architect the app.

Answer Source

In the end, I used

const backgroundStyle = window.getComputedStyle(, null).getPropertyValue("background-color");

and that allowed me to get the proper value. I would assume this is as result of two things going on, in this app.

  1. Style tags are being injected in the html directly. Not 100% if it as a result of webpack-dev-server or react-css-modules.
  2. Styles are only applied after react app is initialized, with proper settings applied.

So there it is, in this situation, getting the computed style is what did it for me. I am still in the process of looking into particular details. Thank you.

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