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Upload file to project specific directory dynamically in multer

I am trying to add a file upload feature in my MEAN.js application. I made use of multer, but it places all the files directly in the destination specified at the time of initializing multer. I want to upload files to directories specific to the program for which they are being uploaded (of course create directory dynamically if it doesn't exist). Where should I specify the custom logic of creating directories on the fly and placing files in them.

Answer Source

I think the best solution to this problem is to use busboy, which let's you store your images in your desired location.

var Busboy = require('busboy');
var fs = require('fs');

app.post('.....',fucntion(req, res, next){
var busboy = new Busboy({ headers: req.headers });
    busboy.on('field', function(fieldname, val) {

      req.body[fieldname] = val;
busboy.on('file', function(fieldname, file, filename, encoding, mimetype) {
fstream = fs.createWriteStream("path/desiredImageName");
        fstream.on('close', function() {


return req.pipe(busboy);
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