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Clean (remove) a database in MagicalRecord

I have an app that is using MagicalRecord for its Core Data handling and this works nice. However I have different users that can login in the app and when another user logs in, the core data database must be emptied so that the different user can have his own data. The database can be emptied completely as the data is also stored on a webservice and therefore can always be synced again after logging in again the first user.

So far I cannot seem to find a helper method (that works) for this purpose. I have tried

[MagicalRecord cleanUp];

whenever the user is logging out, but this does not do the trick.

Answer Source

MagicalRecord does not provide this functionality for you. The cleanUp method is provided for you to reinitialize your CoreData stack in memory and cleaning up any contexts, queues and other related objects. However, it is not that difficult to do yourself given that MagicalRecord does provide a handy method to get the path for your library.

Check out the -[NSPersistentStore MR_urlForStoreName:] method. This will give you the file url for your store. You can then delete it with an NSFileManager instance. Be careful to do this before you set up the Core Data stack or you'll crash when you save because you'd have yanked out the store from under a properly initialized stack.

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