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Python Question

How can you set class attributes from variable arguments (kwargs) in python

Suppose have a class with a constructor (or other function) that takes a variable number of arguments and then sets them as class attributes conditionally.

I could set them manually, but it seems that variable parameters are common enough in python that there should be a common idiom for doing this. But I'm not sure how to do this dynamically.

I have an example using eval, but that's hardly safe. I want to know the proper way to do this -- maybe with lambda?

class Foo:
def setAllManually(self, a=None, b=None, c=None):
if a!=None:
self.a = a
if b!=None:
self.b = b
if c!=None:
self.c = c
def setAllWithEval(self, **kwargs):
for key in **kwargs:
if kwargs[param] != None
eval("self." + key + "=" + kwargs[param])

Answer Source

You can use the setattr method:

class Foo:
  def setAllWithKwArgs(self, **kwargs):
    for key, value in kwargs.items():
      setattr(self, key, value)

There is an analogous getattr method for retrieving attributes.

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