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C# Question

StackExchange.Redis simple C# Example

I am looking for a very simple starter C# application for using StackExchange.Redis
I have search over the web and found StackExchange.Redis

But this doesn't seems like a quick startup example.

I have setup redis on windows using
StackExchange.Redis exe

Can anyone help me locate a simple C# application connecting with redis server and setting and getting some keys.

Answer Source

See the following code from their github sample:

 using (var muxer = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect("localhost,resolvedns=1"))
            muxer.PreserveAsyncOrder = preserveOrder;
            RedisKey key = "MBOA";
            var conn = muxer.GetDatabase();

            Action<Task> nonTrivial = delegate
            var watch = Stopwatch.StartNew();
            for (int i = 0; i <= AsyncOpsQty; i++)
                var t = conn.StringSetAsync(key, i);
                if (withContinuation) t.ContinueWith(nonTrivial);
            int val = (int)muxer.Wait(conn.StringGetAsync(key));

            Console.WriteLine("After {0}: {1}", AsyncOpsQty, val);
            Console.WriteLine("({3}, {4})\r\n{2}: Time for {0} ops: {1}ms; ops/s: {5}", AsyncOpsQty, watch.ElapsedMilliseconds, Me(),
                withContinuation ? "with continuation" : "no continuation", preserveOrder ? "preserve order" : "any order",
                AsyncOpsQty / watch.Elapsed.TotalSeconds);
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